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Posted by in All on Dec 09, 2017 .

E-cigarettes on film

With 2.9 million people now vaping in Britain alone, e-cigarettes are certainly on the rise; the tv shows and movies that we watch are also beginning to represent this rise. So, who vapes in celebrity world and which movies and tv shows feature e-cigarettes?


Leonardo DiCaprio: The ultra-famous actor, producer and activist is still a common feature on red carpets worldwide and he’s taking his electronic cigarette with him! In 2014, he was seen enjoying his e-cig at one of the biggest events in the film industry: The Golden Globes ceremony. It wasn’t exclusively him either – those with a keen...

Posted by in All on Dec 06, 2017 .

3 accessories you need in winter

In the winter, it’s important to make sure that you pay utmost attention guaranteeing your electronic cigarette is always safe and in it’s best condition. This is easily achievable with a few easy steps and some accessories. So, what 3 accessories do you need for your electronic cigarette in winter?

One: Tips

Whilst this isn’t absolutely necessary, it’s nice to have something that’s a bit different every so often – hence why you should buy a new tip or two! Changing your tip every so often doesn’t just feel fresh however – it is fresh. Not only is it more hygienic after a few...

Keeping your electronic cigarette out of harm’s way throughout the winter

E-cigarettes aren’t cheap, meaning that it’s critical that you look after it right so that it lasts long enough to justify the price tag attached to it. Despite this, many vapers don’t actually know how to look after their e-cigarette due to the ambiguity when it comes to instructions on how you should look after the device. So, how do you make sure that your electronic cigarette stays out of harm’s way throughout this winter? Here’s our tips.

One: Buy the accessories designed for storing your e-cig safely

Storing your electronic cigarette...

Posted by in All on Nov 29, 2017 .

November e-cigarette questions answered

Now it’s the end of November, the weather is getting colder and colder all of the time. This might leave you worrying about whether your electronic cigarette will remain at optimum performance through the winter months or it might leave you with other cold-related questions connecting to e-cigarettes. Here, we’ve answered your questions so that you have nothing to worry over!

“Can the winter affect the performance of my battery?”

This is a question that we come across every year, it’s something that a lot of users worry about.

The simple answer is yes, if you don’t take...

Posted by in All on Nov 25, 2017 .

Tip top condition: Helping your device stand the test of time

No matter the quality of your electronic cigarette, it can suffer wear and tear. And, it can also suffer from more than wear and tear. Some users of electronic cigarettes don’t actually realise that they might be inadvertently damaging their device because of how they use it. If you’re determined to avoid any problems caused by you with your device, this blog post has some great tips for ensuring your device stands the test of time.

Don’t overfill – or underfill – on any occasion

You’re rushing around the house, already 5 minutes late. It’s easy to rush...

Posted by in All on Nov 22, 2017 .

The best accessories for winter

Throughout winter, it’s important to ensure that you have the right accessories to keep your electronic cigarette safe, charged and clean. With that in mind, we’ve found the accessories that are absolutely necessary for you to have as an electronic cigarette owner this winter.

Electronic Cigarette Car Holder

Have you ever put your electronic cigarette down in the car for a 5 minute journey and then spent 10 minutes looking for it when you reached your destination? It has happened to all of us. Whether it has done down at your feet, under the seat or rolled into the back, electronic cigarettes...

Posted by in All on Nov 18, 2017 .

The latest starter kits

When you’re looking at all the starter kits available to purchase, it’s difficult to comprehend for someone who’s been a vaper for a while, never mind those who are completely new to vaping. If you’re looking for a starter kit but you’re unsure which is for you, this blog post should help you to decide which is the best option for you so that you can start vaping as soon as possible.

H5 Mod Kit with Water Filtration

This new, innovative electronic cigarette is the first of its kind in the world: It’s the world’s first electronic cigarette with water/juice filtration. Whilst that sounds...

Posted by in All on Nov 15, 2017 .

Flavours to warm up your winter

Winter is so overrated: cold, wet, dark and gloomy. Sometimes, you need something, a comfort, to cheer you up when you’re feeling miserable over the weather. Here’s the flavours we’d recommend when you’re facing the winter blues.

Cloud Banana Chocolate Milkshake

When winter gets us down, we generally reach for something which isn’t good for us but simply makes us happy. One of the delicious treats we always like to get is a Banana Chocolate Milkshake and now we’ve brought the flavour to you in the shape of an e-liquid flavour. The banana and chocolate flavours mix to create a sweet...

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