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Posted by in All on Oct 18, 2017 .

The vaping language you must understand

Vaping has been around for a while now, with over 3 million vapers in the UK alone.

When you’re new to vaping, this can make things rather complicated.

When your fellow vapers are talking about their electronic cigarette, they may discuss many things that a new vaper might not understand.

To avoid any future embarrassment, we’ve written this blog post to help you learn some of the key vaping language!


No, this isn’t people racing around following clouds in the sky – not that we thought you’d think that!

The term ‘cloud-chasers’ means a group of...

Posted by in All on Oct 14, 2017 .

Autumn vaping advice

Your electronic cigarette is undeniably fantastic – that is, until something goes wrong.

One day, you might wake up to a broken e-cigarette.

Especially in the murky autumn days, this can certainly seem like the end of the world. Thankfully, it might not turn out to be as bad as you first imagine when you find it not working.

It might be surprising to you to find out that ‘fixing’ your e-cigarette actually takes very little time and effort and you could have avoided half the issues in the first place!

Admittedly, you won’t be able to fix every single issue. Maybe your e-cigarette is too old,...

Posted by in All on Oct 11, 2017 .

October Vaping Tips

In October, when it’s getting cold and dark, it’s important that you have an electronic cigarette that you can rely on instead of having to worry about it breaking.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always going to be guaranteed. It can be easy to damage an e-cigarette or even have it break on you when you don’t think that you’re doing anything wrong.

 Luckily, we’re here to help you, our loyal customers, look after your devices and make them last longer with our October vaping tips.

1.       A clogged atomiser – ever heard of it? Many people who use an e-cigarette have never come across this term and...

Posted by in All on Oct 07, 2017 .

Bargains in the E-Liquid sale

Here at Prestige Vaping, there’s now a fantastic 11% discount that’s available on all of our delicious cloud E-Liquids. Due to this sale, we thought it would be a good idea to create a blog post telling you our favourites so that you can go buy some whilst they’re still massively reduced.

All of the E-Liquids offer the great vaping experience you’re searching for, especially our cloud e-liquids. Looking for a great bargain today? These are available at the tiny price of only £4.49. Find out about the best flavours now!

Mango Cream:

Are you a fan of ripe, freshly picked and undeniably...

Posted by in All on Oct 04, 2017 .

Top flavours for autumn

The leaves are falling and you’re waking up when it still looks like midnight, coming home when it looks like bedtime.

In the autumn months, it’s important that you have something to treat yourself when the weather and time of year is getting you down.

With these top flavours for autumn, you can get into the autumn spirit whilst enjoying a fantastic flavour too.

Green Apple (Cloud E-Liquid)

The crunch of a ripe green apple is a treat in terms of sound and taste. Incredibly juicy and refreshing, this can pull you out of your autumn malaise.

With our e-liquid flavour, you can experience the...

Posted by in All on Sep 30, 2017 .

How to Make Your E-Cigarette Last Significantly Longer

Have your last few e-cigarettes not lasted long enough to be cost-effective? Unfortunately, this is a regular problem for all vapers, experienced or not. Luckily, there’s plenty of easy steps to keep your device in tip top condition for a long time. Here’s our tips for maintaining your device.

Making sure to clean your e-cigarette on a regular basis is key to making sure that your device will have a long lifespan. Whilst it is easy to forget that you must clean your device, without regular cleaning you are seriously hindering how long your device can last. It’s really...

Posted by in All on Sep 27, 2017 .

How You Can Store Your E-Cigarette Safely

Storing your e-cigarette safely can make a significant difference when it comes to the overall performance of your device whether that’s battery life or how the e-liquid tastes when you vape. When you’re in a rush, it can be simple to shove your e-cigarette into your pocket or in your bag but storing your e-cigarette properly is one of the main ways of maintaining your device alongside regular cleaning. Here’s our tips for storing your e-cigarette in a safe way.

Store in a cool, dry place

Whether your e-cigarette is going to be stored for a few minutes, hours or days, it’s...

Posted by in All on Sep 23, 2017 .

Vaper’s Questions Answered

If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes, chances are you’re asking a lot of questions in your head. Whilst you can ask friends and colleagues who also use the device, there’s nothing better than an informative blog by experts in the industry which is why we’ve written this! We’ve had a look at some of the questions that you ask us most, compiled them, then answered them.

I don’t know how to store my e-cigarette; do you have any advice?

Our biggest tip would be to make sure that you always keep it in a cool, dry place that’s not in direct sunlight. We advise this because heat...

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