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5 Festive Flavours: Warm Up Your Winter

Posted by in All on December 19, 2018 . 0 Comments.

5 Festive Flavours: Warm Up Your Winter

With so many flavours to choose from when you’re looking at our frankly ginormous collection of e-liquid flavours, it’s hard to pick which you actually want to try. With that in mind, we’ve created an article on the five best flavours to get you through the cold winter days.


Want to enjoy one of your favourite drinks without the risk of getting uncontrollably drunk? Our brandy e-liquid offers the perfect imitation of the powerful brandy flavour so that you can enjoy it all of the time. After all, there’s not many of us who don’t enjoy a refreshing glass in the cold winter months!

Cherry Menthol

Refreshingly punchy mint, combined with juicy cherry? What a flavour! This is sure to wake you up on mornings when you’d rather just stay in bed for another couple of hours.


So many people start the day with a couple of mugs of coffee it doesn’t make sense to not have an e-liquid that’s coffee flavoured – so we made it! If you don’t have time to curl up with a strong coffee in mornings, our e-liquid will do the trick for you instead.

Pina Colada

Yes, it’s winter. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fruity cocktail – or an e-liquid that tastes like a tantalising cocktail. This wonderful combination of sweet coconut and succulent pineapple is a delicious was to start off the day.

American Red

Fancy a visit to the wild west with our imitation of the classic American Red tobacco? This great flavour is for all those who enjoy tobacco in it’s strongest form. It’s certainly the option if you’re looking for the true tobacco taste from all those years ago. This flavour is a rich tobacco blend with a fruity hint to delight your taste buds. Buy yours now! 


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