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5 Movies or TV shows featuring a vaper

Posted by in All on August 08, 2018 . 0 Comments.

5 Movies or TV shows featuring a vaper

In the last couple of years, there have been many studies exploring how many people vape in the UK; one such study discovered that nearly 3 million adults in the UK used electronic cigarettes in 2015. That means that it is no surprise we are seeing e-cigarettes on our TV screens in movies and TV shows.

Here are some movies and TV shows that feature vaping on a regular basis.

True Detective:

True Detective is a popular TV show airing in America on HBO. Although it is not as popular in the UK as it is in America, many UK residents have purchased True Detective on DVD.

Vaping is not a big part of True Detective, but it is still noticeable in a lot of episodes. Rachel McAdams’ character, Detective Ani Bezzerides, was regularly seen vaping throughout season 2 of the show.

Drive Hard:

Drive Hard isn’t known for being a good film. However, you’ll see electronic cigarettes on a regular basis, as John Cusack’s character Simon Keller vapes throughout nearly all his screen time!

If you are a fan of Cusack, chances are that you have noticed he vapes in a couple of his other movies; in Maps to the Stars and Reclaim, Cusack vaped regularly. Maybe it is written into his contract that he has to vape?

The Tourist:

In 2010, quite a while before vaping became the popular act that it is today, Johnny Depp’s character vaped throughout The Tourist. Although Depp is a great actor, surely he didn’t start the vaping trend with his appearance in this movie?!


Humans is a popular sci-fi TV show with a large viewing. It features Neil Maskell, who acts as a detective. Throughout the seasons that he has appeared in, he vapes regularly.

The Lazarus Effect:

With good reason, we’ve left this shocking film until last. Surely the least appreciated film on this list, we definitely wouldn’t recommend watching this one! Clay, performed by Evan Peters, uses his electronic cigarette throughout.

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