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Disposable or Refillable E-Cigarette: What’s Best for You?

Posted by in All on June 27, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Disposable or Refillable E-Cigarette: What’s Best for You?

Any vaper can be confused over the mass of E-Cigarettes that are on the market when it comes to replacing one they currently have. This means that it’s especially difficult for people who are entirely new to vaping! With a massive range of prices and baffling features, it can help to have it explained in every day ways as opposed to the cold, hard ‘details’ (AKA jargon!). This guide is to help you decide what’s best for you when you’re looking at which E-Cigarette you would like to purchase.

Disposable versus Refillable

If you’re new to vaping, there’s a range of options. As you won’t have tried vaping before, going with a disposable E-Cigarette is often the best option to ease you into vaping. Are you wondering why? We think it is always best to start vaping with a disposable E-Cigarette in case you simply cannot get used to vaping or decide that you do not enjoy it. Disposable E-Cigarettes are normally available at a fraction of the price a refillable device will be available for. This means that you do not have to commit to spending a significant amount of money before you find out if you will actually enjoy your experience or not.

Another great feature of disposable E-Cigarettes is that they allow you to test flavours before you purchase the real device and E-Liquids. This means that if you find out that none of the flavours appeal to you then you can just not buy an expensive device. The opportunity to experiment with flavours and the device means that this is a brilliant option for those who are unsure whether vaping is something they can commit to.

On the other hand, if you’re sure that you will be able to stick to vaping, a refillable E-Cigarette is undoubtedly the way to go. Despite being more expensive they’re impressive for multiple reasons, especially for devoted vapers. With a disposable E-Cigarette, the device is not a long-term solution whereas a refillable device certainly is.

Most refillable E-Cigarettes have excellent design and offer you the opportunity to tune your device to your ideal specifications and needs. When you are purchasing disposable devices, you don’t really get this option.

With refillable devices, they are going to require some maintenance from time to time as opposed to disposable E-Cigarettes. Sometimes this can put people off but with anything long-term it doesn’t always run perfectly: A little maintenance is well worth the enhanced experience if you’re sure that you are going to stick to vaping.

Still not decided? Take a look on our website at both disposable and refillable. There’s sure to be an option for you!


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