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Extending e-cigarette lifespan

Posted by in All on May 16, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Extending your e-cigarette’s life

When you invest in a high-quality electronic cigarette, you don’t expect it to break down within a few months of purchasing it. Unfortunately, this happens on a regular basis for some people and it’s not the fault of the device – blame lies with the user. Of course, the devices don’t last forever but when you don’t take care to look after your device, it can leave it damaged and not working long before it should become useless. So, here’s how you can make sure you’re looking after your e-cigarette to extend its lifespan.

Clean your device as often as possible

Guaranteeing that you clean your device on a regular basis – preferably once per week at least – is extremely important when you’re trying to make sure that it lasts a long time. Cleaning the device isn’t as tedious as it first sounds:

-          Take the device apart: Cleaning the device externally is important but cleaning the device inside is also important as dirt and dust gathers inside.

-          Carefully clean atomiser with a clean cloth: The atomiser is one of the key parts of your e-cig, cleaning this is especially important.

-          Do the same with the battery: Focus on the connection points – this is normally where dust gathers.

-          Reconstruct the device and ensure it is dry: Water wont mix well with your electronic cigarette.

Don’t overfill the device

In a rush? It’s far too easy to just quickly fill up your e-cigarette without a care in the world. Unfortunately, this can end up damaging the device by flooding it. Pay attention when filling your device so that you don’t go past the ‘max’ line most good devices have.

Store it properly

Don’t leave your device anywhere it’s hot, such as direct sunlight, or near water. For obvious reasons, direct sunlight and water can end up damaging your e-cig.

Generally, just your common sense can help you to keep your device maintained for years to come. 



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