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Flavours to warm up your winter

Posted by in All on December 05, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Flavours to warm up your winter

Winter is so overrated: cold, wet, dark and gloomy. Sometimes, you need something, a comfort, to cheer you up when you’re feeling miserable over the weather. Here’s the flavours we’d recommend when you’re facing the winter blues.

Cloud Banana Chocolate Milkshake

When winter gets us down, we generally reach for something which isn’t good for us but simply makes us happy. One of the delicious treats we always like to get is a Banana Chocolate Milkshake and now we’ve brought the flavour to you in the shape of an e-liquid flavour. The banana and chocolate flavours mix to create a sweet flavour that’s sure to cheer you up when you’re miserable.

Cloud Cinnamon Cream

Cinnamon is a great spice to add to desserts for a ‘warming’ effect which is certainly satisfying. Mix that spicy cinnamon kick with luxurious double whipped cream and you have our Cloud Cinnamon Cream e-liquid. This is a great mix of sweet and sour.

Cloud Cool Passion

We don’t know about you, but a minty kick always starts the day off well, no matter what the weather is like outside. With our Cloud Cool Passion flavour, you get the refreshing kick of vivid menthol on inhale with a cooling menthol blast on exhale – perfect for waking up to after a cold winter night.

Cloud Fruit Twist

Sometimes the quickest fix to make you feel better on a gloomy winter’s day is to imagine it’s still any of the other 3 seasons, particularly summer! With our Cloud Fruity Twist e-liquid, you get the fantastic mix of tangy and sweet summer fruits which sends you right back to the delicious fruits you were enjoying in the summer.

Cloud Ginger Secret

If you’re looking for a similar flavour to cinnamon but cinnamon isn’t quite right for you, Cloud Ginger Secret is a tasty option. We don’t mean to spoil the secret, but this is a tasty mix of ginger, lemon and menthol. We’re certain that you’ll enjoy this spicy mix. 

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