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Maintain electronic cigarette battery life

Posted by in All on April 02, 2019 . 0 Comments.

Maintain electronic cigarette battery life

Are you getting to lunch time and then realising that your electronic cigarette has run out of battery? It is a tough situation to find yourself in if you have forgotten your charger. However, if your electronic cigarette is running out on a regular basis halfway through the day, it is a sign of something more than bad luck.

If your electronic cigarette is always dying throughout the day, you need to work on prolonging your battery life.

In this article, we have a look at maintaining the battery life of your electronic cigarette.

Tips for charging:

Charging your electronic cigarette correctly can extend the life of your battery by a significant amount. Charging it incorrectly, on the other hand, can have the complete opposite impact.

Here are just a couple of tips to keep in mind:

-      Don’t completely drain battery

-      Charge when indicator tells you to

-      It’s ok to partially charge device

Tips for using:

Depending on how much you use your electronic cigarette, it can either be a good thing or a bad thing. For example, if you use your device regularly, that is a good thing; if you do not use it often, that can be negative for your battery.

Do you carry your electronic cigarette everywhere that you go? If you do, it’s important not to carry it in your pockets. That can overheat the device and damage your battery.

Tips for storing:

Storing your electronic cigarette is actually rather simple. The majority of the time you just need to ensure that your device is kept at room temperature as much as possible. Keep your device in a location that is cool, dark and dry if possible. Before storing a battery that you will not use for a while, always charge it! Even if you will not be using the battery, keeping it charged is important.



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