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Preventing damage to your e-cigarette

Posted by in All on July 14, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Preventing damage to your e-cigarette

It is obvious to anybody that paying for an electric cigarette is a fairly significant investment, especially if you choose to go with one of the more premium devices that are available at the moment. That’s why it is absolutely vital that you ensure the device stands the test of time.

On some occasions, people purchase electric cigarettes and it only lasts for mere months. Whilst they might seek to blame this demise on the device, it is usually down to fault on the user’s part.

So, how do you ensure that your device lasts and doesn’t stop working just as you’re getting used to it? Fortunately, it doesn’t take very much to maintain the performance of your device for months to come; with our 3 simple tips, you can ensure that your device lasts for years.

1.Clean the device whenever you can

It’s important that you make a promise to yourself: clean your electronic cigarette once a week as a minimum. Whilst that might like seem like overkill, owners not cleaning their device often enough is the prime reason for devices breaking in little time at all.

Cleaning doesn’t actually take that long; here’s 4 easy steps to cleaning your device in 10 minutes:

-          Take it apart: Cleaning inside is as important as cleaning the outside.

-          Clean atomizer: This is the main part to clean.

-          Clean battery: Focus on the connection points.

-          Put it back together: Ensure the device is dry, too.


2.Be careful not to overfill

If you’re in a rush, you might quickly try to fill your device without thinking. This can flood, and therefore damage, your device. Pay attention when refilling the device.


3.Store it correctly

There’s a few places that you shouldn’t keep your device:

-          Hot locations

-          Moist locations

-          Very cold locations

It’s also worth remembering that you should never store your device upside down – it can cause a leak! 


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