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Tip top condition: Helping your device stand the test of time

Posted by in All on November 07, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Tip top condition: Helping your device stand the test of time

No matter the quality of your electronic cigarette, it can suffer wear and tear. And, it can also suffer from more than wear and tear. Some users of electronic cigarettes don’t actually realise that they might be inadvertently damaging their device because of how they use it. If you’re determined to avoid any problems caused by you with your device, this blog post has some great tips for ensuring your device stands the test of time.

Don’t overfill – or underfill – on any occasion

You’re rushing around the house, already 5 minutes late. It’s easy to rush some e-liquid into your device, not paying attention to how much or little you put in. Surely it won’t cause any harm just this once, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works.

Even one time overfilling or underfilling your electronic cigarette can damage your device. For underfilling, this is because the atomiser cannot draw in enough e-liquid. This can result in a horrible taste but also you risk burning your atomiser out. For overfilling, you can damage your electronic cigarette as too much liquid can flood the clearomiser of your device.

One of our tips when refilling your device would be to make sure you’re doing it when something isn’t going to interrupt it. Sit down, fill the device slow and ensure you don’t go above the line. That way, your device will last much longer.

Store your device correctly at all times

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your electronic cigarette is not storing it properly. This is usually because people don’t know how the device is actually meant to be stored.

 There’s a few obvious rules such as storing it away from water and direct sunlight but it’s also important to make sure that your e-cigarette doesn’t get too hot (or too cold).

Our final tip for storing your device would be to make sure that you always store the electronic cigarette upright so that it doesn’t flood and cause damage. 

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