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Vaper guide: dos and don’ts

Posted by in All on January 26, 2019 . 0 Comments.

Vaper guide: dos and don’ts

To enjoy vaping as much as you should be able to, it is important that you know how to look after your device and its components as well as you possibly can. Although some electronic cigarette problems are inevitably unavoidable, there are some avoidable problems that many vapers encounter due to their own neglect.

In this guide to vaper dos and don’ts, we look at how you can protect your electronic cigarette and associated products and accessories so that you can ensure they last you as long as they should do.

Protect your e-liquids

Your e-liquids can end up tasting and looking bad if you do not make sure that they are stored as well as they should be. For example, if you leave your e-liquids on a windowsill and they end up becoming too hot, the liquid can end up becoming thinner than it should be, impacting the flavour of the liquid. Therefore, you need to make sure you store the liquids correctly if you are able to.

E-liquids should generally be stored in a dark, cool location. This will ensure that your liquids last as long as they possibly can.

Don’t overcharge your device

Although some electronic cigarettes include technology that prevents them from overheating, unfortunately not all devices do. That is why it is important to make sure you avoid overcharging your device.

Although you might not experience any major issues as a result of overcharging your device, you might find that the battery does not last as long as it previously would.

Don’t keep your device in direct sunlight

Many people do not consider the fact that their electronic cigarette might overheat if left in direct sunlight. However, electronic cigarettes regularly left in direct sunlight are at more of a risk of breaking down than devices that are always stored correctly at all times. 


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