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Locations you should never leave your e-liquid

Posted by in All on March 24, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Locations you should never leave your e-liquid

People store their e-liquids in a variety of different locations, and it’s likely that everyone thinks the place they store their e-liquids is the best. Despite it being arguable where you should actually store your liquids, there are a few places that you should absolutely not store them.

Here’s where you shouldn’t store your e-liquids.

Inside your car

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of vapers who wouldn’t think twice about vaping in their car – and there’s no problem with that; it’s perfectly fine to vape in your car provided you do it safely.

If you’re not in your car, there is one thing that you should never leave in it: you’re e-liquids.

Heat is known to break down the nicotine inside of your liquids, which is almost guaranteed to change the flavour for the worst – that’s best avoided!

On the windowsill

As we mentioned in the last point, exposing your e-liquid to heat is never going to be good. This means that when you leave your liquids on a windowsill, the sun is going to cause damage to them.

When sun hits your bottle, within minutes the liquid can start to break down. After all, heat through glass is especially hot.

In your pockets

Although having your e-liquid nice, snug and easily accessible in your pocket is something that appeals to many vapers, it’s not actually as wise as it first sounds.

There are multiple problems with storing your e-liquid in your pocket. The first major problem is your body heat; just like exposure to the sunlight, your body emits a lot of heat that could break down your e-liquid, making it lose its flavour. The second, and perhaps primary problem, is that your e-liquid bottles are prone to leaking when stored in your pocket. Although this doesn’t seem disastrous, you can potentially damage your clothes, and the liquid might end up tarnishing your skin!

If you avoid leaving your liquids in either of these 3 places, they’ll last longer, stay tasty, and you’ll keep yourself safer.


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