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Where not to leave your e-liquids

Posted by in All on April 21, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Where not to leave your e-liquids

As e-liquids are an essential part of your vaping experience, it’s no wonder if you have lots of different flavours in your home. However, if you’re not adequately keeping your liquids safe, problems can eventually arise.

Here are a few tips as to where you shouldn’t be leaving your e-liquids.

  • Your car

You’re in your car. Your electronic cigarette has just run out of liquid. Fortunately, you have backup liquid in your cupholder. How lucky, right?! Well, maybe not so lucky when you find out how much the heat of your car can break down your e-liquid.

Especially in the hot summer months, heat can break down the components in your e-liquid. This can end up ruining the whole bottle, as it’s very likely to change the taste.

It’s fine to travel with liquids; just don’t leave them in your vehicle!

  • On your windowsill

As you’ve just discovered in the last point, exposing your e-liquid to heat can cause a lot of damage.

Obviously, if you’re leaving your liquids on a windowsill they’re going to be affected by the heat.

Although it shouldn’t matter for a few minutes if you leave a bottle on the windowsill, we’d advise that you don’t leave it there for too long. E-liquids aren’t cheap, so you don’t want to waste them like this.

  • In your pocket

It’s obvious why you want to carry your e-liquid with you, but you might not be aware that keeping them in your pockets is actually negatively affecting them.

Although this isn’t proven to be true, many people think that their body heat affects the flavour of their liquid when they store them in their pocket.

One thing that is almost guaranteed to happen at some point, however, is your e-liquid leaking in your pockets. As an example, if you haven’t put the cap back on right your liquids can end up leaking.


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