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Why you should join the Prestige Vaping Loyalty Scheme

Posted by in All on November 10, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Why you should join the Prestige Vaping Loyalty Scheme

If you’re buying plenty of products from Prestige Vaping, there’s a way that you can make something back as a ‘thank you’ from us, to you. Although you might not have realised it, we have a loyalty scheme. This allows you to earn points, make savings and gain rewards. Here’s some more about our scheme, and why you should join.

You purchase, you earn points

The system is simple: every time you buy something from the Prestige Vaping website – anything at all – you earn points. These points can then be spent on other products. This effectively means that once you have enough points, you can choose something from the website for free.

Advantages of joining our scheme

It’s free: There’s no charge for signing up to our loyalty scheme. That means that you lose nothing, whereas you gain amazing rewards.

Earn 500, get £5 off: As we said in the previous point, although it’s free for you to sign up, you get great awards – just for buying what you were going to buy anyway! Once you’ve earnt 500 points through your purchase, you’ll get £5 off anything on the website.

You can redeem you points against a purchase at any time: There’s no certain time when you can use the points that you’ve earned through the Prestige Vaping Loyalty Scheme. Whenever you want to, you can use the points that you’ve earned over the years. Before you know it, you’ll have more points than you can imagine.

It takes 2 minutes: If you decide to sign up to the Prestige Vaping Loyalty Scheme, it’s not only free, but also hassle-free! It only takes 2 minutes for you to sign up to the Loyalty Scheme. That means that you can begin gather your points right away, without a lengthy sign-up process that you can run into elsewhere.

Sign up today, and start earning now!

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