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Posted by in All on Mar 28, 2018 .

How to improve the battery life of your e-cig

No matter the quality of the electronic cigarette that you purchase, you’ll potentially have problems with battery life if you don’t look after your device correctly.

Despite most people imagining that looking after an e-cig is simple, there are actually a few mistakes that people make which could be detrimental to their battery.

Here’s how you can improve the battery life of your device.

  1. Don’t overcharge your batteries

Not everyone has the time to sit around, staring at their electronic cigarette while it charges, and that’s fine.

However, you should try to...

Posted by in All on Mar 24, 2018 .

Locations you should never leave your e-liquid

People store their e-liquids in a variety of different locations, and it’s likely that everyone thinks the place they store their e-liquids is the best. Despite it being arguable where you should actually store your liquids, there are a few places that you should absolutely not store them.

Here’s where you shouldn’t store your e-liquids.

Inside your car

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of vapers who wouldn’t think twice about vaping in their car – and there’s no problem with that; it’s perfectly fine to vape in your car provided you do it safely.

If you’re not in...

Posted by in All on Mar 21, 2018 .

New to vaping? Rookie mistakes to avoid

When you’re just starting something new, making mistakes is isn’t uncommon, and that includes when you’re new to vaping. There are loads of things that can go wrong with vaping, so we’re going to try and help you avoid the mistakes that many vapers made at some point. Read on to find out rookie mistakes that you must avoid when you start vaping!

Not having a backup on you at all times

Although you might have the best electronic cigarette that money can buy, it’s still a piece of technology; in other words, you never know when something might go wrong. Whether that’s a dead...

Posted by in All on Mar 17, 2018 .

Put a spring in your step with these 5 vibrant flavours

As you’ll know, we’re designing and creating new flavours all of the time here at Prestige Vaping HQ. We’ve just announced our recent batch of flavours, which we’re sure that you’re going to love. With that in mind, here are the mouth-watering flavours that you need in time for the beginning of Spring to start the season right!

Coffee 10ml E-Liquid

Starting off a day with a strong cup of coffee is something that features in many people’s morning rituals, and we don’t blame them! Instead of kickstarting your day with a mug of coffee, why not start it off with a...

Posted by in All on Mar 14, 2018 .

Where you shouldn’t keep your e-cigarette when it isn’t being used

If you love your electronic cigarette as much as we love ours, you probably don’t put it down an awful lot. At some point you’re going to put your e-cigarette down, and you might not be aware that it’s unsafe just to put it down anywhere.

When you’re storing your electronic cigarette, it’s vital that you don’t just chuck it down anywhere. Here are 3 tips that you should keep in mind when you’re deciding where to store your device.

Keep your e-cigarette away from water

Although this one might seem fairly obvious, it’s also one of the best...

Posted by in All on Mar 07, 2018 .

Vaping Fashionably

With millions of vapers worldwide, it is undeniable that vaping is increasingly popular. Some people are happy to simply use a basic e-cigarette but that doesn’t mean that you have to be! With a range of people vaping from A-list celebrities to us ‘normal’ people, there’s plenty of options depending on your budget. Do you want your E-Cig to be more fashionable? This blog post is to show you some of the options!

There’s more than one way to be stylish, you just need to choose the best option for you. With a wide range of stylish e-cigarettes available, there’s plenty of choice; whether you’re looking...

Posted by in All on Feb 28, 2018 .

Vaper’s Questions Answered February

If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes, chances are you’re asking a lot of questions in your head. Whilst you can ask friends and colleagues who also use the device, there’s nothing better than an informative blog by experts in the industry which is why we’ve written this! We’ve had a look at some of the questions that you ask us most, compiled them, then answered them.

I don’t know how to store my e-cigarette; do you have any advice?

Our biggest tip would be to make sure that you always keep it in a cool, dry place that’s not in direct sunlight. We advise this...

Posted by in All on Feb 24, 2018 .

The vaping language you must understand

Vaping has been around for a while now, with over 3 million vapers in the UK alone.

When you’re new to vaping, this can make things rather complicated.

When your fellow vapers are talking about their electronic cigarette, they may discuss many things that a new vaper might not understand.

To avoid any future embarrassment, we’ve written this blog post to help you learn some of the key vaping language!


No, this isn’t people racing around following clouds in the sky – not that we thought you’d think that!

The term ‘cloud-chasers’ means a group of...

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