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Posted by in All on Nov 07, 2018 .

Tip top condition: Helping your device stand the test of time

No matter the quality of your electronic cigarette, it can suffer wear and tear. And, it can also suffer from more than wear and tear. Some users of electronic cigarettes don’t actually realise that they might be inadvertently damaging their device because of how they use it. If you’re determined to avoid any problems caused by you with your device, this blog post has some great tips for ensuring your device stands the test of time.

Don’t overfill – or underfill – on any occasion

You’re rushing around the house, already 5 minutes late. It’s easy to rush...

Posted by in All on Oct 27, 2018 .

Vaping lingo: The words you need to know

As you probably already know, vaping has been around for quite a while now. In the UK alone, there are believed to be over 3 million vapers – that’s a big number!

When you’re new to vaping, in some respects this is a good thing. You’re not alone in vaping, so if you need to know something you can always ask somebody. However, not understanding the vaping lingo (vaping language) can leave you confused, even when you’re asking somebody for help.

To avoid any future embarrassment of not knowing what people are talking about, we’ve written this blog post to help you learn some of...

Posted by in All on Oct 24, 2018 .

The parts of your e-cigarette

When you first unpack your electronic cigarette when it arrives, it’s no surprise that it looks really complicated if you’ve never owned one of these devices before. It can be difficult to figure out how everything works initially!

Although electronic cigarettes do look a little strange and complicated, the situation often isn’t as bad as you’re initially fearing: it isn’t hard to learn what all the parts of your e-cigarette are and how they benefit you.

Not only are they far simpler than they first appear but they’re also relatively easy to use and maintain in the long run.

Key three...

Posted by in All on Oct 20, 2018 .

Make sure you store your device safely!

The majority of vapers know that not storing their electronic cigarette correctly can have a negative impact, but not all vapers know how severe the impact can be. While not storing it correctly once or twice might not be such a big deal, in the long run, you need to make sure that you’re storing your device correctly.

Shoving your device in your bag, your pocket or the glove box is certainly an easy way to store it, but it isn’t ideal. Here’s how you should store your electronic cigarette regardless of whether you’re currently using it or not.

Cool and dry

In the month of...

Posted by in All on Oct 17, 2018 .

Key October Vaping Advice

It feels like last October wasn’t too long ago, but here we are again: dark mornings, cold days, generally miserable weather. In the autumn months, you want to have an electronic cigarette that you can rely upon; you don’t want to have to worry about it breaking all the time!

Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that your electronic cigarette isn’t going to have any problems in October – or any time of the year for that matter. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make sure your electronic cigarette lasts as long as it possibly can.

Here are some issues that you can encounter and how to avoid...

Posted by in All on Oct 13, 2018 .

Flavours you MUST try!

Fancy a change from the flavour that you’re using in your electronic cigarette at the moment? Fortunately, we have plenty of interesting and exciting flavours that you can try.

Whilst you can go through all of the tasty flavours yourself over on our shop, this blog post includes some of our tastiest flavours that we have on offer at the moment.

The flavours that we’re discussing in this blog post taste brilliant, but they also have another big advantage that you can look forward to: all the flavours are available at a great price!

Bubblegum Fruity

This flavour allows you to return to your...

Posted by in All on Oct 10, 2018 .

Flavourful e-liquids

If you have a quick look at the Prestige Vaping store, you will see immediately just how many electronic cigarette e-liquid flavours are available. There are far too many to browse easily, especially if you’re not quite sure what flavour you’re actually looking for.

Since there are so many different flavours available, we have created this article to tell you some more about the more flavourful options that we have available.

All our e-liquids that we have on offer are flavourful; you’re definitely not going to be disappointed with the flavour of the liquids you’re buying. However, here are just a few...

Posted by in All on Oct 06, 2018 .

Find warmth in autumn with these liquids

The leaves are all falling, and it looks like you should still be wrapped up in bed when you get up for the day: it’s autumn again!

Although autumn is beautiful, the mornings and the nights are cold; you need something that’s going to keep you warm, wake you up and keep you happy: a delicious e-liquid!

These flavours are the perfect choices for this autumn, so read our blog post and pick your favourite.

Green Apple (Cloud E-Liquid)

A ripe green apple has a delectable crunch – it’s a perfect start to your autumn day! Juicy, refreshing a full of flavour, a soon as you taste...

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