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Posted by in All on May 09, 2018 .

Spring vaping flavours

As Spring is now here, it’s time to celebrate the sunny months ahead with some e-liquid flavours that match your mood. It’s time to revamp your vaping flavours to enjoy the Spring sunny weather ahead. Now is the perfect time to switch those rich e-liquid flavours for something light and more refreshing. Here at Prestige Vaping we have hand-picked some of our favourite flavours that will put a spring in your step this month.


Blackcurrant - Clean and crisp, blackcurrant is a great transitional flavour between winter and spring. Blackcurrant is refreshing and really does provide us with a summer-like...

Posted by in All on May 05, 2018 .

Understanding your e-cigarette

If you’ve never used an electronic cigarette before, it can be complex figuring out how everything works when your first one arrives.

Although they may look a little strange and complicated, it isn’t as bad as you might be fearing.

Not only are they far simpler than they first appear but they’re also relatively easy to use and maintain in the long run.

Key three components

No matter the brand of electronic cigarette that you’ve chosen to begin vaping with, there’s 3 components that are crucial for you to be familiar with.

First, the battery. The battery is crucial to your...

Posted by in All on Apr 28, 2018 .

New spring flavours

We have so many exciting flavours coming out this year, so there is plenty for you to look forward to this Spring.

If you’re looking to try something different, there are so many different flavours to choose from. In fact, some of our favourite flavours are available in our special offers section at the moment, so you know that you’re going to get a great bargain.

In this blog post, we tell you about 3 of our new flavours that we’re certain you’re going to love.

Cloud Strawberry Milkshake E-Liquid 30ml (3 x 10ml)

If you’re looking for a vividly fruity yet creamy flavour for your first e-liquid...

Posted by in All on Apr 21, 2018 .

Where not to leave your e-liquids

As e-liquids are an essential part of your vaping experience, it’s no wonder if you have lots of different flavours in your home. However, if you’re not adequately keeping your liquids safe, problems can eventually arise.

Here are a few tips as to where you shouldn’t be leaving your e-liquids.

  • Your car

You’re in your car. Your electronic cigarette has just run out of liquid. Fortunately, you have backup liquid in your cupholder. How lucky, right?! Well, maybe not so lucky when you find out how much the heat of your car can break down your e-liquid.

Especially in the hot summer...

Posted by in All on Apr 18, 2018 .

Where to store your device safely

Although you might make sure that you look after your device right whenever you use it, many people don’t consider how to properly store their device when it isn’t being used. Despite storing when not using it seeming pointless, it’s actually more important than you think.

Here are our tips for storing your device safely.

#1 – Keep upright

Our first tip is the least obvious, but definitely one of the most important.

It’s important that you make sure your device is upright as much as it possibly can be. But why?

As you might have noticed, your device probably has air holes that...

Posted by in All on Apr 14, 2018 .

Dangers of leaving e-cigarette in a hot car

Even though it might not seem particularly warm – never mind hot! – at the moment, this blog post today is written to tell you about the dangers of leaving your electronic cigarette in a hot car.

If you’re just quickly popping into the shop, it might not seem like such a big issue if you leave your electronic cigarette in the car. What’s the worst that could happen? Well actually, quite a lot!

Heat can damage your battery

One of the most crucial components of any e-cigarette, it’s important that you do what you can to keep the battery safe.

When you leave an e-cig in a...

Posted by in All on Apr 11, 2018 .

Vaping Tips for Beginners

Are you just about to start your vaping journey?

Unfortunately, when it comes to vaping there isn’t much advice when you’re just starting out. This can mean that you end up making potentially dangerous mistakes, which you obviously want to avoid.

Here are our vaping tips for beginners, ensuring that you have the best possible time vaping that you can.

Always have a backup

It’s important to remember that your electronic cigarette is actually a device that is going to require some maintenance over time, and even if you perform maintenance on your device there is no guarantee that it’s always...

Posted by in All on Apr 07, 2018 .

Spring Flavours: the flavours to try

So, it’s finally spring! After an extremely long winter, it’s starting to look as though we might be through the worst of it now.

To kick off spring, we’ve decided that we’re going to try some new e-liquid flavours that we thought were potentially very exciting.

If you’re looking to try something that’s new this spring, why not try some of the flavours discussed in this blog post? Bursting with flavour, we’re sure that you’ll love them all. Read on to find out more about the flavours that we’re most excited about.


If, like us, you’re a big fan of punchy...

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