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My Electronic Cigarette is clogged and/or leaking,what can i do to resolve this issue?

Answer: Firstly ALWAYS avoid putting e-liquid into the inner centre tube of the clearomizer and NEVER fill e-liquid above the Max line as these are some of the main causes of leakages and blockages.

However,If this does occur then unscrew the clearomizer from the battery and unscrew the cap(mouthpiece) then turn the clearomizer upside down onto tissue paper or blotting paper and allow all the liquid to be emptied out completely.

Once this is done,re-fill the clearomizer with e-liquid (avoiding the inner centre tube) and re-assemble the electronic ciggarette,then draw a few steady pulls to allow normal circulation to resume and clear any remaining blockages.

There is a burnt taste when I am smoking my electronic ciggarette,why is this?

Answer: There are two possible reasons for this occuring.Firstly there may be insufficient e-liquid in the clearomizer.To avoid this it is best to always try and ensure the e-liquid level is atleast a third full.

Should the problem still persist then it is possible that due to high usage the clearomizer has burnt out and needs replacing.

My electronic cigarette is not working,what might the issue be?

Answer: Ensure that you have unlocked the battery(The Falcon series comes with a 5 click lock/unlock function) To unlock,click the button five times continuously within 3 seconds.

The button on my electronic cigarette lights up when I press it but no vapour is released upon inhalation, what might the cause of this be?

Answer: It is possible that the contacts on the battery and clearomizer might require cleaning.To access these unscrew the clearomizer from the battery and wipe the gold plated surface on the battery and also wipe the contact area on the clearomizer,re-assemble the electonic cigarette and resume vaping as usual.

What are the changes made by new electronic cigarette and e-liquid regulations?

Answer: Please see section on the bottom of the page in relation to electronic cigarette law (Tobacco Products Directive)