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Father’s Day: Enhancing E-Cig Experience

Posted by in All on June 16, 2018 . 0 Comments.

Father’s Day: Enhancing E-Cig Experience

Unless you’ve left it until very late, you’re not going to be buying your Father’s Day gifts today, considering it’s tomorrow! However, if you’re in the sticky situation of needing to buy your father a gift today for the big day tomorrow, here at Prestige Vaping we have a variety of gifts that are sure to be ideal for your father.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite accessories for this blog post that we’re certain your father is going to love.

Flat Tips for Falcon Clearomizer

Although tips for devices might not seem like such a major thing, sometimes vapers like change!

If your father is bored of the tip that he currently has for his electronic cigarette, it might be time for him to invest in a new one. Or, you can buy him one or a collection for Father’s Day.

This is a great little accessory for your father, and the tips come in a range of different colours to spruce up any device.

Neck Lanyard

How many times has your father being grumpy due to losing his E-Cig? Save yourself the hassle of helping him look for it by getting him a neck lanyard for Father’s Day. This is great for those who are clumsy, forgetful or just want quick access to their E-Cig. Available in a range of vibrant colours, your Father won’t even be able to lose the lanyard!

Losing your electronic cigarette is extremely easy, especially if you don’t have something such as a beck lanyard to make sure that it doesn’t go walkies.

For Father’s Day, a neck lanyard for your father can enhance his vaping experience. If he’s clumsy, forgetful, or just unlucky, this neck lanyard can ensure that his electronic cigarette doesn’t end up going missing.

This device comes in a range of vibrant colours; so bright in fact that your father would find it very difficult to lose it!


If your father isn’t the lanyard type but is clumsy or forgetful, this could be more his style. The pouch is great for carrying an E-Cig and making sure that it doesn’t get lost. Your father can’t put it down somewhere and blame you for it if it’s in the pouch attached to him!


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