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Flavours you really must try in 2019

Posted by in All on February 13, 2019 . 0 Comments.

Flavours you really must try in 2019

We are always releasing tasty new e-liquids that we are sure our customers will love, so it can be difficult for you to try all of them when we are releasing them so often.

While we believe that all of our flavours deserve to be popular, there are some flavours that are particularly popular due to the fact that they are bursting with flavour. To start the year off in the best way that you possibly can, here are the flavours that you need to try now.

In this article, there is a flavour for everyone. Whether you want something packed with flavour or ever so slightly sprinkled with flavour, we have the ideal e-liquids for you. Looking for something fruity or pungent? You will find what you are looking for here!


If you are looking for an electronic cigarette liquid that is both deliciously sweet and packed full of fruity tastes, this apple e-liquid is the perfect liquid for you. You like your apples red, juicy and straight off the tree? Yet another reason that you should definitely try this e-liquid flavour.

This apple flavour is one of our most popular, and it is really no wonder why!


Another fantastically sweet fruit that many of us know and love, this banana e-liquid is ideal for you if you are a fan of the real thing. Once again, this flavour is an accurate representation of a just-ripe banana.

Blended Virginia

The first flavour on this list for those who are fans of something a bit more pungent, blended Virginia is an excellent flavour for those searching for something that has more of a kick to it. This flavour emulates the well-know flavour that hails from America, so it is a good choice for those who are already fans of blended Virginia.

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With many years of experience creating and selling electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, you know that you’re buying from experienced professionals when you decide to make a purchase from Prestige Vaping. Not only are we experienced, we also offer you the best prices that you’ll find anywhere for the quality of product that we provide to you.


Last update: February 06, 2019


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