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3 new vaper mistakes to avoid

Posted by in All on March 05, 2019 . 0 Comments.

3 new vaper mistakes to avoid

When you begin vaping for the first time, or anything for that matter, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes at first. Although the majority of these vaping mistakes are not very serious, there are a few that could spoil the positive vaping experience that you would otherwise enjoy. The majority of vapers have made the mistakes in this article at some point, but you can get ahead of everyone else and avoid these mistakes by following our tips.

When you start vaping, there are some rookie mistakes you really should avoid. Here are 3 of them!

Mistake one: no backup battery or device

Regardless of the e-cigarette that you have bought, top of the range or otherwise, your electronic cigarette is a piece of technology that can go wrong at any moment in time. There are a variety of electronic cigarette problems that you can come across, such as a dead battery. In anticipation of one of these issues actually occurring, it is always best to make sure that you have a backup in place.

Carrying around a backup battery with you and an extra e-liquid could be all that is required, but you never know when something is going to happen. Make sure you have the backups you need for security in case something was to happen!

Mistake two: not trying the different e-liquid flavours available

If you are new to vaping and you find a flavour that you like straight away, you might not take the opportunity to try some of the other fantastic electronic cigarette flavours that are available. This is a mistake for numerous reasons:

-          You have no variety

-          You might encounter ‘vaper’s tongue’

-          You will not find potentially better flavours

There are plenty of electronic cigarette flavours available, so sticking to one flavour isn’t the best idea. If you do not try the other flavours that are on offer, you might end up missing out on a flavour that you would otherwise miss. Here are some of the tastiest flavours that are available:

-          Cinnamon cream

-          Crazy Kiwi

-          Fruity twist

-          Ginger secret

-          Mango cream

Of course, this is not an extensive list of the best flavours that we have on offer. In fact, there are possibly flavours not listed here that you might prefer an awful lot more. Exploring the flavours that we have on offer is always a good idea because you might stumble across a new favourite e-liquid.

Moving onto the subject of vaper’s tongue, although this condition is nothing to be afraid of it can be a result of a vaper using the same flavour too intensively. Mixing up your flavours can certainly help you to avoid this!

Mistake three: incorrectly storing supplies

When you buy your electronic device and e-liquid, you might not be aware that there are certain ways for you to store both your device and the e-liquid. On occasion, users of electronic cigarette devices will store their device unsafely simply because they do not know how to store it.

Storing your electronic cigarette device and its accessories and e-liquids is actually fairly easy. The main things to remember about correctly storing these things is that they should be kept relatively cool and away from direct sunlight. Also, storing your electronic cigarette in an upright position can stop it leaking.



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