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The Legal Status of Electronic Cigarettes

Posted by in All on December 19, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Ever since electronic cigarettes hit the world stage almost a decade ago, there has been a seemingly grey area covering the legality of these devices. Can we smoke in public or not, and if not why not? This article takes a brief look at how Vaping stands in the UK and the rest of the world.

Good or Bad?

Well, it’s not really a cigarette, and just how dangerous is that smoky stuff that the electronic cigarette produces? It was originally thought that these intriguing cigarette facsimiles were harmless and were simply a substitution for the real thing. But they do contain nicotine and this is one of the most addictive substances known to man.

In Public Places

According to the laws of our country, smoking an electronic cigarette in an establishment, such as a bar or restaurant, is not illegal. However, it is then down to the owner of that establishment to permit or forbid such practices. And let’s be honest, how many businessmen would turn away a huge chunk of profit because they didn’t like the amount of Vaping that was going on?

Banned Countries

Is the UK now seen as a liberal country? Well if you look at the list of countries that have banned electronic cigarettes, you may well think so. Laughingly, Columbia is amongst the countries that have deemed it an unsafe practice, make of that what you will…

Safe or Not?

There is an electronic cigarettes UK law and this is currently undecided about the legalities of Vaping. It is understood that this pastime is healthier than the real thing, but by how much is still up for discussion.

The Future Looks…

Well, it is very hard to calculate at the time of writing this article, but a lot of money will be made, and if the UK government’s history of taxing profitable industries is anything to go by, watch this space…



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