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Vaping could be your best New Year’s resolution

Posted by in All on January 03, 2014 . 0 Comments.

Vaping has become the accepted word to describe the use of electronic cigarettes and it is becoming increasingly common to see people around and about using an e-cigarette of some description. They come in particularly handy if you like to go out for the evening because you can vape indoors and don't have to keep breaking off to go outside to smoke. Not only is vaping more socially acceptable, it is also much healthier.

None of the bad stuff

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive, but it is not the nicotine which harms a smoker. It is the tars in the tobacco which are the harmful part of a conventional cigarette and this is what a vaper avoids completely, as the vapour in an e-cigarette is nothing but water and flavourings. There is no problem with secondary smoking either – the vapour is for the look and feel of the vaping experience and doesn’t last long enough in the air to cause any problems although even if it did, there is nothing in it which is harmful.

Save enough money for a major purchase

If someone told you you could save enough money in a year to buy a reasonable second-hand car or go on a great holiday, you might think they were having a joke but this is exactly what you could do if you put aside all the money you saved by changing from smoking to vaping. Most people typically save around £2000 when they stop smoking conventional cigarettes and change to vaping but with various DIY kits on the market, the savings can be even more. With both health and financial benefits on offer, vaping seems to be an obvious alternative to smoking; add the lack of smoky smells, whiter teeth and fresh breath and it looks like the best New Year Resolution you could make.

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