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The 5 key accessories for your holiday

Posted by in All on February 20, 2019 . 0 Comments.

The 5 key accessories for your holiday

With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, parents and other individuals alike will be planning their holidays. Packing for a holiday can be extremely stressful as you try to make sure that you don’t forget anything that’s important. Whilst doing you packing, if you’re a vaper then it’s important to remember all of your vaping essentials. This guide is to help you remember absolute musts for a vaper going on holiday.

Replaceable coils:

When you’re going away, this is something that a lot of people do not think of. Purchasing some replaceable coils before you go away is very important as no vaper wants their vape tasting burnt. If you buy some coils and take them just in case, you cannot go wrong. Even if there’s no problem whilst you’re away, you can bring them home.


In the beaming sun, E-Cigs are notorious for being open to damage. The battery is the main problem as under intense heat battery life can be reduced. In the worst resort scenario, batteries can even explode. If you take a spare battery, you always have one. Once again, if you keep the device safe and out of the sun as much as possible then there shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just best to take a backup in case as being without your vape can sometimes be debilitating and spoil the holiday.

Flat tips:

Debatably, there’s nothing worse than somehow losing your tip. Without this, you cannot use your E-Cigarette, rendering it completely useless. This is sure to spoil your holiday. Tips are extremely cheap and available in a range of exciting colours. For a small price of less than £1, it is well worth taking a backup.

Mains charger:

Even if you manage to stop your battery becoming affected by the sun, your device is useless if you forget to take your charger! Making sure you have a mains charger is important as on most holidays this is how you would be charging your E-Cigarette. Make sure you have one of these packed into your suitcase!

Neck lanyard:

Some of the issues on this list can easily be avoided with the incredibly useful neck lanyard. With a neck lanyard, your device will be easily kept safe from any danger. This is crucial for people prone to dropping things or simply prone to forgetfulness. At less than £4, it is worth investing in to avoid damage and losing your device.

That’s our guide to accessories any vaper will need on holiday!


Last update: February 06, 2019


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