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The 3 worst places to store your e-cigarette when it isn’t in use

Posted by in All on May 01, 2019 . 0 Comments.

3 Places You Definitely Shouldn't Store Your Device!

If you use your electronic cigarette all the time, chances are you do not put it down that much – you’re probably using it all of the time instead! However, at some point, you are going to be putting your electronic cigarette down. When you finally do put down your device or put it into storage, you might not know that it is unsafe to just put it down wherever; you have to make sure that you store it sensibly and safely.

Although your electronic cigarette might be a durable device, it is important that you don’t just put it down anywhere. Especially when you know that you are not going to use it for a while.

Ensure that you are looking after your electronic cigarette safely by following these 3 tips: Key your e-cigarette away from water and moisture, keep your cigarette away from heat and direct sunlight, and don’t charge your device where you can’t see it. We are going to explore these tips further in this blog post, so you know why you must follow them.

E-cigarette: Keep the device away from water

Although to a lot of people it might seem obvious that an electronic cigarette shouldn’t be stored anywhere near water, it’s best to make it perfectly clear: an electronic cigarette must not be stored near water!

If your electronic cigarette somehow becomes submerged in water or water gets into the components, you may struggle to get the device working as it should again. Unfortunately, a water-damaged electronic cigarette doesn’t tend to start functioning as it should again.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight

Is your device stood upright and away from water? That is a brilliant start to ensuring that your device is safe from the main causes of damage. However, it is important to guarantee that your device isn’t stored close to a heat source or in direct sunlight too.

Direct sunlight can cause damage to your device. Specifically, it can cause damage to the battery and any liquid that is in your device.

When you know that you are going to be storing your electronic cigarette for quite some time, try and store the device in a location that is cool, dark and dry.

Keep your device in sight when charging

Electronic cigarettes are probably safer than they have ever been when charging at the moment. Unfortunately, that does not guarantee that something won’t go wrong with your device during the charging process.

An electronic cigarette can overcharge, which can impact your battery in numerous ways. Primarily, it can stop your device from working properly in the long run as the battery will not power your device as long.

If you do not keep your eye on your electronic cigarette while it is charging, you never know what could go wrong. No matter how unlikely, fires and so on are always possible. If you aren’t paying attention to your device, something horrible could happen and you would, unfortunately, be none the wiser.  

Follow these tips and you won’t have any problems!

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