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Posted by in All on February 10, 2018 .

New and Exciting Vaping Technology 2018

There are pieces of revolutionary technology released all the time and that includes in the vaping industry. With new e-liquids, e-cigarettes and associated gadgets released on a regular basis, what can we look forward to most in 2018?

The New H5 Kit with Water Filtration

Perhaps the most exciting piece of vaping technology in years is the new H5 Kit with Water Filtration. Although it might sound no different from any other piece of vaping technology that is already available, it has at least one fantastic, innovative feature that makes it the e-cig that you simply must choose this...

Posted by in All on January 31, 2018 .


Exciting Customisations for Your E-Cig

Sometimes, you E-Cig does what you want it to but you want a bit more from it. Do your friends all have exciting additions to their E-Cigarette leaving you feeling left out? Well, if that’s the case, then this blog is to help you. We’ve included here the top 3 enhancements to revamp your E-Cig and stop you being left out!

Neck Lanyard:

Are you constantly the butt of the joke because you’re always losing and dropping your E-Cig? Your clumsy tendencies leave you humouring all of your friends? The neck lanyard could be the perfect customisation for you. With a neck lanyard, you’ll...

Posted by in All on January 27, 2018 .

Curing Vaper’s Tongue

One day you’re sat, vaping your favourite flavour and all of a sudden you realise that it doesn’t actually taste very good at all, maybe you cannot taste it all. Whilst this can send many a vaper into a panic, there’s usually not cause to worry. You might not enjoy your favourite flavour for a couple of weeks but generally it gets better over time and you can return to it. Here’s our guide on how to cure Vaper’s Tongue if it occurs with a few easy ways.

Change your flavour:

This may seem obvious but it’s something that many people suffering often do not think of in their panic. For a lot of...

Posted by in All on January 24, 2018 .

Our Favourite E-Liquids Right Now

With such a huge range of delicious flavours available, it’s always hard when we have to pick our favourites from our collection. At Prestige Vaping we aim to be as helpful as possible so here’s our blog to our favourites so that you can go try some today. Another benefit to trying some of these flavours today is the fact that we have a massive 11% off our range of e-liquids!

Banana Chocolate Milkshake

This flavour has always been one of our favourites! You can’t fault a refreshing banana chocolate milkshake. Unfortunately, the banana flavour isn’t one of your 5-a-day but that doesn’t...

Posted by in All on January 17, 2018 .

High or Low: Which E-Cigarette is the Best Option for You

When you’re a new vaper, looking at the wide range of starter packs available is undoubtedly daunting. With one having this and one having that, it can cloud your brain with unnecessary details and perhaps end up with you buying the product that isn’t the right one for you. That can result in you giving up vaping altogether. This blog is designed to help you pick the kit that’s best for you so that you don’t have to wade into the world of undecipherable details!

As previously mentioned, the range of E-Cigarette starter kits is substantial. Not only is there a huge...

Posted by in All on January 13, 2018 .

Which starter kit is for you?

It can be hard to start vaping. You start browsing the internet and find out that there isn’t just one E-Cigarette but hundreds if not thousands. This can sometimes put potential vapers off, but don’t be put off any longer. Our guide will help you decide what starter pack is for you so that you make an informed decision on your first E-Cig.


New Move Grand 80w Temperature Control Variable Watt Mod Kit:

Despite the elongated title, this product isn’t as confusing as it may first seem. All the technically terms can be disorientating so this guide aims to talk in plain English so that everyone...

Posted by in All on January 03, 2018 .

Best deals in 30% off sale

When a big sale comes along, it’s important to make sure that you know about all the best sales so that you don’t miss out. Since we have so many products on our website, it’s hard to decide what the best deals actually are; that’s why we’ve written this blog post. Here’s some of the best bargains that are available in the 30% off sale. Also, the sale expires on Sunday 7th January, don’t miss out!

Ultra flavour e-liquid 3x10ml packs

If there’s one thing that you can never have too much of when you own an electronic cigarette, it’s e-liquids; without e-liquids, you can’t actually use...

Posted by in All on December 09, 2017 .

E-cigarettes on film

With 2.9 million people now vaping in Britain alone, e-cigarettes are certainly on the rise; the tv shows and movies that we watch are also beginning to represent this rise. So, who vapes in celebrity world and which movies and tv shows feature e-cigarettes?


Leonardo DiCaprio: The ultra-famous actor, producer and activist is still a common feature on red carpets worldwide and he’s taking his electronic cigarette with him! In 2014, he was seen enjoying his e-cig at one of the biggest events in the film industry: The Golden Globes ceremony. It wasn’t exclusively him either – those with a keen...

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