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Posted by in All on August 12, 2017 .

5 Vapers in Movies and TV

A study found that nearly 3 million adults in the UK alone used e-cigarettes by 2015 with many more million units sold worldwide. This means that it’s no surprise that vaping is moving into our TV and movies as well. Here’s some notable movies and TV shows that feature vaping.

True Detective:

Despite originally airing in America on HBO, True Detective season one and two have been released on DVD in the UK. Despite vaping only having a small role in this TV show, it is still there. Rachel McAdams’ character Detective Ani Bezzerides vapes regularly throughout season 2 of the hit show.


Posted by in All on August 05, 2017 .

Making Vaping Easy with Accessories

With plenty of E-Cigarettes on the market and new ones constantly being released, it can be difficult to choose the one that is best for you. We’ve found that many potential vapers are put off by the large range and simply struggle to use their device to the best potential due to the dizzying amount of options. This blog post is to help you pick out the best accessories for your device to make vaping simple and more enjoyable.

Flat tips

Tips, the mouth piece on your e-cigarette, are not only crucial to use the device but can also refresh an e-cig with a tired appearance. This is a cheap...

Posted by in All on July 26, 2017 .

Top 5 Summer Vibe E-Liquid Flavours

Despite summer finally being in full flow, the weather is stubbornly anti-summer! This can lead to avid sun fans feeling down but we can help you out. Even if the weather’s bad, you can fully immerse yourself in the summer vibes with your trusty E-Cigarette. With a massive range of E-liquids available, we’ve picked out our summer favourites so you stop getting the blues over the bad weather!

Berry Burst:

Nothing says summer better than this heavenly mix of summer berries. The mix of sweet and sour makes for a real treat for your taste buds whilst fulfilling your vaping need as well....

Posted by in All on July 22, 2017 .

Safely Vaping Throughout the Summer Tips

With the weather gradually getting better (even in the UK!), it’s time to start taking better care of your E-Cig. Whilst most of you probably think of many things in this blog already, it’s worth reading just to make sure that you are taking all of the necessary precautions.

Don’t leave your E-Cigarette in the car:

Most of you probably don’t do this anyway but regardless we thought that we should include it here. One of the worst things that you can do to your E-Cig during the summer is leave this in the car. It can lead to your battery suffering damage in terms of performance,...

Posted by in All on July 19, 2017 .

5 Accessories You’ll Need for Your Holiday

With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, parents and other individuals alike will be planning their holidays. Packing for a holiday can be extremely stressful as you try to make sure that you don’t forget anything that’s important. Whilst doing you packing, if you’re a vaper then it’s important to remember all of your vaping essentials. This guide is to help you remember absolute musts for a vaper going on holiday.

Replaceable coils:

When you’re going away, this is something that a lot of people do not think of. Purchasing some replaceable coils before you go away is...

Posted by in All on July 05, 2017 .

5 bargains in the E-Liquid offer!

At Prestige Vaping, there’s currently an 11% discount on all our new range of delicious E-Liquids. Due to this, we decided to create this blog to tell you our 5 favourite flavours so that you can get the best possible bargain. All our choices are cloud E-Liquids for the finest vaping experience. These are great bargains at a tiny £4.49.

Mango Cream:

Have you ever had ripe & freshly picked mangos on a summer evening, topped with fluffy whipped cream? It’s a blissful experience and exactly what vaping with this flavour feels like.

Ginger Secret:

This choice often can divide opinion. We...

Posted by in All on June 17, 2017 .

What you'll need to start vaping

If you're looking to begin vaping, all the accessories, e-liquids, kits and mods can seem daunting; To make sure you aren’t put off, we’ve made this blog to help you understand the main things you’ll need to start vaping today!

Firstly, the most important thing that you’ll need is our Falcon Electronic Cigarette starter kit. The Falcon starter kit has multiple key things that you’ll need. Included is a CE4 clearomizer, which holds an impressive capacity of e-liquid – the clear glass allows you to easily see the level of e-liquid in your device. This is useful when going out for the day as...

Posted by in All on June 10, 2017 .

E - Father’s Day

Father’s Day is literally around the corner and deciding on what to get him can be hard, especially when you’ve probably treated him on all the previous Father’s Days so much so that you’ve ran out of ideas! Isn’t that right or isn’t that right?

If your dad is thinking of quitting smoking cigarettes or just generally wants to start vaping, this is the best chance for you to shine and help dad out! Why not start his vaping journey by gifting him an electronic starter kit? From the New Fusion, Falcon, Eagle slim or the Raptor starter bundle kits, there are a range of electronic cigarette starter kits...

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