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Posted by in All on January 12, 2019 .

Best special offers – January 2019

It is the beginning of a new year, and everybody knows how tight money can be in January. Therefore, it is likely that you will be on the lookout for a deal or two when you are buying from us this month. To save you the time of trawling through our extensive online store for our best deals this month, this blog post includes all of our best offers.

Save yourself some money this January with these fantastic deals.  

Fusion 50w Variable Watt Mod Kit - £59.99 to £29.99

This is an elegant, high-performance device that is sure to satiate your e-cigarette requirements.

The Fusion mod kit...

Posted by in All on January 09, 2019 .

Best e-liquid flavours of 2018

2018 is over. As we head into the new year, we all tend to look back on the past year. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best e-liquid flavours of 2018. All the flavours on this list are delicious, punchy flavours sold in the Prestige Vaping store, so be sure to check them out if any make your taste buds tingle!

Blueberry & blackberry custard

This exciting flavour is one of our favourites from 2018. It is a flavour that we would recommend to anyone who is a fan of any of the following: blueberry, blackberry, custard, or all 3 combined! Both the blueberry and blackberry...

Posted by in All on December 29, 2018 .

Ultra flavour e-liquids: the flavours you can choose from

With it nearly being the end of the year, you might be coming up with some New Year’s resolutions to ensure that you start the year off right. Our New Year’s resolution is to keep bringing you new, exciting flavours – and it’s one that we won’t give up.

We’ve recently added 5 ‘ultra flavour’ e-liquids (available as 3x10ml packs), the perfect choice to tingle your taste buds. Not only do they taste great, they’re also kind to your post-Christmas purse: the price has just been reduced by over £3! Maybe your resolution should be to try these 5 delicious...

Posted by in All on December 22, 2018 .

Your Questions Answered: December

We’re always getting asked questions about all things vaping, so once a month we answer the most prevalent questions in our blog post. Here’s the December edition, including answers to the questions that we’ve been asked most this month.

“I have to budget in the Christmas period… can an electronic cigarette save me money?”

If you’re looking to save money in this period that’s often expensive, vaping is a great way to do it. Whilst you have to make an initial investment, once you’ve started vaping you will soon realise how much you’re saving. That means you’ll have even more...

Posted by in All on December 19, 2018 .

5 Festive Flavours: Warm Up Your Winter

With so many flavours to choose from when you’re looking at our frankly ginormous collection of e-liquid flavours, it’s hard to pick which you actually want to try. With that in mind, we’ve created an article on the five best flavours to get you through the cold winter days.


Want to enjoy one of your favourite drinks without the risk of getting uncontrollably drunk? Our brandy e-liquid offers the perfect imitation of the powerful brandy flavour so that you can enjoy it all of the time. After all, there’s not many of us who don’t enjoy a refreshing glass in the cold winter...

Posted by in All on December 15, 2018 .

The best accessories for winter

Throughout winter, it’s important to ensure that you have the right accessories to keep your electronic cigarette safe, charged and clean. With that in mind, we’ve found the accessories that are absolutely necessary for you to have as an electronic cigarette owner this winter.

Electronic Cigarette Car Holder

Have you ever put your electronic cigarette down in the car for a 5 minute journey and then spent 10 minutes looking for it when you reached your destination? It has happened to all of us. Whether it has done down at your feet, under the seat or rolled into the back, electronic cigarettes...

Posted by in All on December 05, 2018 .

Flavours to warm up your winter

Winter is so overrated: cold, wet, dark and gloomy. Sometimes, you need something, a comfort, to cheer you up when you’re feeling miserable over the weather. Here’s the flavours we’d recommend when you’re facing the winter blues.

Cloud Banana Chocolate Milkshake

When winter gets us down, we generally reach for something which isn’t good for us but simply makes us happy. One of the delicious treats we always like to get is a Banana Chocolate Milkshake and now we’ve brought the flavour to you in the shape of an e-liquid flavour. The banana and chocolate flavours mix to create a sweet...

Posted by in All on November 28, 2018 .

Storing your e-cigarette in November

Where and how you store your electronic cigarette can have a significant impact on the performance short term but also the lifespan of your device.

Whilst shoving it quickly into your bag, pocket or glove box is an easy way to store your device, it isn’t the right way.

Storing your device appropriately is just as important as cleaning it on a regular basis or charging it.

Here, we’ve compiled our main tips for making sure you’re storing your e-cigarette correctly in November but also all year round.

Cool and dry

Whilst you shouldn’t have a problem keeping your device cool in...

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