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Posted by in All on January 03, 2014 .

Vaping has become the accepted word to describe the use of electronic cigarettes and it is becoming increasingly common to see people around and about using an e-cigarette of some description. They come in particularly handy if you like to go out for the evening because you can vape indoors and don't have to keep breaking off to go outside to smoke. Not only is vaping more socially acceptable, it is also much healthier.

None of the bad stuff

Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is addictive, but it is not the nicotine which harms a smoker. It is the tars in the tobacco which are the harmful part of a conventional cigarette and...

Posted by in All on December 27, 2013 .

Vaping couldn’t just change your life, it could save your life. Even if you have started to show signs of lung damage from smoking, stopping will at least arrest any pathological changes and if they are not too severe, they can even be reversed. Once scarring has happened in the human lung there is nothing to be done to correct it, so the sooner you stop smoking, the better. That said, it is far from easy to achieve a quick quit and using electronic cigarettes can help you quit quicker. Even using them to cut down will help.

Something to do with your hands

Many people say that one of their biggest bars to quitting is the fact...

Posted by in All on December 19, 2013 .

Ever since electronic cigarettes hit the world stage almost a decade ago, there has been a seemingly grey area covering the legality of these devices. Can we smoke in public or not, and if not why not? This article takes a brief look at how Vaping stands in the UK and the rest of the world.

Good or Bad?

Well, it’s not really a cigarette, and just how dangerous is that smoky stuff that the electronic cigarette produces? It was originally thought that these intriguing cigarette facsimiles were harmless and were simply a substitution for the real thing. But they do contain nicotine and this is one of the most addictive...

Posted by in All on December 12, 2013 .

Vaping was originally seen as a healthier option to traditional smoking, in fact millions of smokers have managed to give up the real thing after switching over. But now it appears that the younger generation are beginning to see vape as something of a fashion statement. This article takes a deeper look into the world of e-cigarettes and why they are just so damn cool.

Hobby or Habit?

Traditional smoking has suffered from a bad image and rightly so, the unhealthy addiction to tobacco consumption is considered to be a very bad habit. Vaping is more of a recreational hobby that individuals enjoy without harming bystanders. Vape...

Posted by in All on December 06, 2013 .

For a town which prides itself in healthy eating and in living the clean lifestyle, Hollywood has its fair share of smokers. However, the latest trend among Hollywood’s elite may save its reputation as home to the health kick. Known as ‘vaping’, the trend has started to really take off and many of the town’s A-listers have been spotted getting their ‘vape’ on, so to speak. So what exactly is this phenomenon?

Vaping is the new buzzword which is used to describe the process of puffing on an electronic cigarette, or e-cig. The phenomenon first began as a new method to quit smoking as the e-cig contains a small amount of...

Posted by in All on December 05, 2013 .

Vaping has become a subculture in its own right, with many favouring it as a hobby as well as a method to quit smoking. Its popularity has risen substantially over the last few months, with many smokers abandoning cigarettes completely in favour of vaping. The term comes from the vapour released in e-cigarettes which have recently been used as a nicotine substitute for smokers around the world. The e-cigarette contains a small percentage of nicotine in order to help smokers quit their habit but there are also e-cigarettes which are flavoured and nicotine free. So could vaping be a thing of the future or is it likely to become obsolete?...

Posted by in All on November 22, 2013 .

Suddenly, vaping is the new big thing and there are pictures popping up all over the internet of celebrities using electronic cigarettes. Some of them are not celebrities so much as people you may have possibly heard of once or twice but you don’t know what they do – so here is a list of reasonably famous people you don’t need to Google first before recognising them!

UK vapers

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones must be the surprise vaper of the year – with a long history of drugs and alcohol abuse, it is nice to see him thinking of his health at last. Famous for smoking rather than vaping is June Brown (Dot Cotton from...

Posted by in All on November 20, 2013 .

Electronic cigarettes are a popular option for those who want to experience the effect of smoking a cigarette when in places where tobacco smoking is forbidden. This sounds like a good plan, but more places these days are opting for banning e-cigs because it makes policing the smoking ban more difficult.

Trains, planes and automobiles

There are no definite rules for smoking electronic cigarettes in trains but as with many things that are potentially annoying to other passengers (like loud tinny music from earphones, constant mobile phone use and screaming children) any action taken would probably be the remit of the guard or...

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