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Posted by in All on August 15, 2018 .

Everything You’ll Need to Start Your Vaping Adventure

Starting your vaping journey is exciting, but it is also difficult. With the wide range of products on the market, finding out what you actually need to begin your journey is more difficult than most people imagine.

In this article, we’re looking at everything that you’re going to need to start your vaping journey.

1: Look at your options

When you first start looking at all of the electronic cigarettes that are readily available on the market, you might think that the more expensive devices are the best. However, you need to decide whether you will be sticking with...

Posted by in All on August 11, 2018 .

5 tips for refilling your electronic cigarette

If you are new to vaping, filling your electronic cigarette for the first time can be a lot harder than you might imagine. Despite filling an electronic cigarette seeming easy, problems can start occurring as soon as you put liquid into your device if you aren’t careful about how you do it.

In this blog post, we’re offering you five tips for filling up your electronic cigarette. Once you’ve got these tips in mind, your electronic cigarette is going to last a lot longer!

Refrain from vaping straight away:

Once you’ve filled up your electronic cigarette, it’s tempting to...

Posted by in All on August 08, 2018 .

5 Movies or TV shows featuring a vaper

In the last couple of years, there have been many studies exploring how many people vape in the UK; one such study discovered that nearly 3 million adults in the UK used electronic cigarettes in 2015. That means that it is no surprise we are seeing e-cigarettes on our TV screens in movies and TV shows.

Here are some movies and TV shows that feature vaping on a regular basis.

True Detective:

True Detective is a popular TV show airing in America on HBO. Although it is not as popular in the UK as it is in America, many UK residents have purchased True Detective on DVD.

Vaping is not a big...

Posted by in All on August 04, 2018 .

E-cigarette care advice

You’re undoubtedly aware of how good a tool your electronic cigarette is, which makes it all the more disappointing when something starts to go wrong with your trusty device.

We understand that it can be problematic when things go wrong with your device, especially when you don’t know how to diagnose and resolve the issue that’s facing you. That’s why we’ve written this blog post about some of the issues we see more often than others; hopefully, this will help you to resolve your problems.

  1. The clogged atomizer: one of the biggest problems for electronic cigarettes. If you’re a regular vaper,...

Posted by in All on August 01, 2018 .

How to store your e-cigarettes

Where and how you store your electronic cigarette is the key to keeping your e-cigarette in great condition. It can often be so tempting to stuff your device in your handbag, pocket or the glove box of the car, but storing your e-cig correctly is just as important as regularly cleaning it all of the elements out. Read our top do’s and dont's of electronic cigarette storage to keep it in great working condition for even longer.

Keep it cool

Whether you’re storing your e-cigarette for a few hours or weeks, it’s essential that you leave your electronic cigarette in a cool, dry place away from...

Posted by in All on July 25, 2018 .

July Vaping Tips

In July, when it’s hot and sweltering, it’s important that you have an electronic cigarette that you can rely on instead of having to worry about it breaking.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always going to be guaranteed. It can be easy to damage an e-cigarette or even have it break on you when you don’t think that you’re doing anything wrong.

 Luckily, we’re here to help you, our loyal customers, look after your devices and make them last longer with our July vaping tips.

1.       A clogged atomiser – ever heard of it? Many people who use an e-cigarette have never come across this term and that is...

Posted by in All on July 21, 2018 .

Starting your vaping adventure? Here’s what you’ll need

One you’ve got everything you need, vaping is easy. But for new vapers, knowing where to start when it comes to buying their first device is hard. So, here’s what you need when you’re new to vaping with no idea what you’re going to need.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

First and foremost, you’re going to need to purchase one of the starter kits so that you actually have a device. There’s so many devices to choose from that there’s sure to be one that’s suited to your needs. Whether you’re just looking for a basic starter kit to ease you in to vaping or...

Posted by in All on July 18, 2018 .

Try these Tempting Flavours

With over 40 tempting flavours, Prestige Vaping offer flavours in the most concentrated form ever.

Start by trying Juicy Peach – a fruitful flavour bursting with deliciousness for a lighter mood. This is a very summery flavour and can be a little sweet which is excellent for those of you with a sweet tooth!

Airy Fairy Bubble-gum is also a personal favourite. Tasting exactly like chewing gum, this flavour can make you revisit your childhood and bring back nostalgia in the way it is vaped! Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, it has plenty of flavour without being overpowering. So pleasant, that the...

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