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  • Vaping tips for beginners Posted by on Jun 10, 2019.

    Vaping tips for beginners If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, understanding what you need and the difference between what is available will make starting.. more..

  • How to pick flavours you’ll love Posted by on May 20, 2017.

    Unless you were really unlucky when you first picked your vaping flavours, you’ll have probably picked something that you liked. Whether that was due to the nic.. more..

  • New Electronic Cigarette Regulations Posted by on May 03, 2017.

    1. E-Liquid with a nicotine concentration of above 20mg (2%) will no longer be available From 20th May 2017 you will no longer be able to purchase e-liquids .. more..

  • Tips for Refilling Your E-Cigarette Posted by on Apr 29, 2017.

    Tips for Refilling Your E-Cigarette When you buy an electronic cigarette it can take you a few attempts to really get the hang of using, maintaining and .. more..

  • New to vaping? We're here to help you! Posted by on Apr 26, 2017.

    New to vaping? We're here to help you! So you’ve decided you want to invest in a refillable electronic cigarette. Now comes the fun part of choosing a vap.. more..

  • Disposable or refillable, which one is for me? Posted by on Apr 22, 2017.

    Disposable or refillable, which one is for me? If you’re new to vaping then you might be a little confused by the variety of electronic cigarettes on the n.. more..

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